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Our doctors and staff work together towards a shared goal: to offer the best possible treatment to every patient through integrated care and first-class medicine, regardless of their insurance status. On the following pages, you will find a selection of our wide-range of services from the fields of orthopaedics, trauma surgery, ophthalmology and fertility.

As well as excellent medical care, your recovery will also be boosted by the restful, picturesque clinic surroundings. After all, people who feel happy get well more quickly. Our policy is to provide top quality service through innovation and our focus on specific medical fields, and to orient our care to individual patient needs. We are proud of our staff, who are committed to offering you the best care, every day.

The clinic with a hotel atmosphere

We offer patients top-quality medical care,
combined with a comfortable space
to relax in peace, so that you get well soon.

Staying at the clinic

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